What customers are saying about OWA For PDA

"After having used OWA for PDA once before, going back to using regular Outlook Mobile Access was a big disappointment. Recently, I was once more able to utilize OWA for PDA, and am thankful that this product exists and is continually developed and supported. Overall, it is an absolutely wonderful product and can be a real lifesaver in many cases!"

Marc Bressman, Director of Research & Development, IdeaVillage Products Corporation

"You have no idea what a life saver your software is for us. Accessing our Public Folders is critical for our company. Microsoft has not provided a way to do that with a mobile device. You have."

Debra Lott, Network Administrator, Eastwind New York.

"OWA for PDA provides our firm with a robust and straightforward HTML interface to our Exchange Server. Easier than our Citrix platform, faster than Outlook Web Access, and not complicated by PDA operating systems, etc. OWA for PDA's strength is its simplicity. I can highly recommend this innovative software; the most direct remote access to MS Exchange I have ever seen. Kudos to the designer."

Martin Kuhn, System Administrator, Graham, Wilson and Green Law Firm, Barrie, Ontario.

"I was searching the Internet for many days for a product just like this. Thank you for writing such a great interface for mobile devices. It works like a charm. Access all your personal folders and public folders. Great feedback and support."

Fernando Velez, Network Administrator, TCA, Florida.

"Thank you for providing probably the best way to access Outlook Web Access from Palms and PPCs. You should be proud of this effort."

Skip Bremer, Senior Technical Project Manager, Texas Association of School Boards.

"OWA For PDA is the perfect solution to mobile communications at a fantastic price. The utility is straightforward to install and fulfils that rare commodity of doing 'exactly what it says on the box'. E-mail tech. support is among the best I have experienced on any product. I have no hesitation in recommending OWA-PDA to anyone looking for a cost effective solution to mobile e-mail."

Mike Peat, System Administrator, R&D Tool & Engineering Ltd, UK.

"I use your product daily and have recommended it to many PDA road warriors like myself. I even use it from a PC as an alternative to OWA when bandwidth is limited. Thanks!"

Bob N, California, USA.

"I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks and sincere appreciation for your OWA-PDA product. It has truly given those of us who own PDAs or SmartPhones a quick and easy way to get "live" access to all of our data on our Exchange server. We really appreciate the hard work and diligence you have put into the design and reliability of OWA-PDA."

"Thank you, too, for offering it at a price that even small companies like ours can afford."

"And one more word of thanks. Thank you for taking the time to help me get the OWA-PDA demo working properly on our Exchange server. The information you offered helped me resolve the issue quickly. I appreciate your responsiveness and knowledgeable assistance. Best wishes to you!"

Rich Burton, IT Manager, BRAAS Company, Minnesota, USA.

These are genuine, unsolicited comments that I have received via email, and have included here with kind permission. If anyone would like their comment, or their details removed, please contact me.

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