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v9.60 - 29 Sep 2009
E2000/2003 - Changed output DOCTYPE so that theme font colour is correct within tables.
E200x - Added sender and subject width capability to UserSettings file.
E2007 - Added CUSTOMMETA to Define.inc.
E200x - Added SHOWREFRESHLINK to Define.inc.
E2007 - Added RETURNUNFILTEREDGAL to Define.inc.
E200x - User can delete folders - added ALLOWFOLDERDELETE to Define.inc.
E200x - Date picker now shows dates with appointments in bold.
E200x - Displays folder path, instead of name, in item and folder listings.
All - Removed '# Chars when replying' option. Uses general max page size instead.
All - Added Mark Unread link to Read Message page.
All - Each version now has a separate installer, in preparation for E2010.

v9.00 - 23 Feb 2009
E200x - Added UserSettings.txt file so that admin can force a theme for some users.
E200x - Added SUBSTRINGSEARCH parameter to Define.inc.
E200x - Can now add a font colour to each line in Themes.txt

v8.80 - 10 Nov 2008
E2000/E2003 - Fixed 404 error when trying to change Time Zone.
E2007 - Can now save Lang.inc file as Unicode.
E2007 - Application now uses MSXML2.DomDocument instead of MSXML2.DomDocument.6.0 . Some servers did not appear to have the v6 component.
E2000/E2003 - Attachment links now show document name, instead of 'Go'.
E200x - Added Invite link to Appointment Saved page.
E2007 - Added FOLDERNAMES parameter.
E200x - Added Cc and Bcc to Quick Message.

v8.40 - 15 May 2008
E2007 - Speed increase opening large messages.
E2007 - Fixed login problem when mailbox is replicated to an inactive replication server.
E2007 - Fixed problem opening some Post items in Public Folders.
E2007 - Fixed error when sending a Quick Message to a non-existent name.

v8.20 - 04 Mar 2008
Now supports IIS7 on Windows Server 2008

v8.00 - 21 Jan 2008
Logoff link will now close the device browser if the user has enabled simple javascript in the application options.

v7.60 - 10 Oct 2007
E2007 version rewritten in VB.Net, so that ASP does not need to be installed.
Fixed problem where email gets deleted if the user uses the back button (instead of the To Folder link) to return to the list of items after deleting one message, then opening another.

v7.50 - 17 Jun 2007
X64 setup now correctly detects inetsrv.exe .
E2007 login can now detect FBA on MBX server.

v7.00 - 21 Jan 2007
Date picker now shows today in red, and the selected date with an asterisk.
Added Search Folders to Folder list.
Can now make a shortcut to an NON_IPM_SUBTREE/Finder/ Search Folder.
Can now supply the username alone to the CUSTOMFBA logon page as a URL parameter.
Added CUSTOMFBAALLOWSAVE option to save credentials in a cookie.
Now supports Exchange 2007.

v6.80 - 01 Oct 2006
Added date picker to Calendar display.
Fixed problem detecting an automatic http->https redirection on /Exchange VDir.
Fixed problem downloading attachments for usernames with dots in.
Fixed problem displaying dates in public folder posts lists with certain types of regional date format.
Fixed problem with downloaded attachment content types when installed on some additional Virtual Servers.
Added received date to message Actions page.

v6.62 - 31 Jul 2006
Task dates now show correctly in normal OWA.

v6.60 - 28 Jul 2006
Can now access an external Calendar on a different server.
Fixed problem displaying dates in message lists with certain types of regional date format.
Fixed problem displaying Appointments using Goto from a page other than the first.
Can now set Sensitivity when composing messages.
Can now edit Contact text field.
Can now add attachments to Appointments, Contacts and Tasks.
Signature is now added to Replies and Forwards.
Now has write access to shared Calendars.
Added ALTVDIRNAME parameter to Define.inc .
Added LIMITATTACHSIZEKB parameter to Define.inc .

v6.40 - 12 Apr 2006
Fixed problem saving attachments with complex characters in filename.
Fixed problem displaying complex character month names in Calendar Go To page.
Corrected display name when adding attachments (some Outlook versions used to show URL).
CUSTOMFBA option now checks for expired password, and displays a link to change it if enabled with PASSWORDACCESS.
Enabled AM/PM display in Appointments if required at server.
Avoid empty message preview.
Can now recover hard-deleted (or shift-deleted) items from all folders in E2000/E2003 .
Added 'End' link to Top, Previous, Next links.

v6.22 - 12 Mar 2006
Fixed problem displaying GAL when composing message with E2000/E2003 .

v6.20 - 06 Mar 2006
Added DEFAULTDOMAIN to Define.inc .
Added USEEXCHANGEVDIR to Define.inc to allow access to other Exchange Virtual Servers in E2000/E2003.
Fixed problem with 'Delete Marked' in E5.5 where DELETEMARKEDTEXT contains special characters.
Better handling of 'complex characters' (in Hebrew, etc.).
Fixed problem deleting Appointments in Public Folders in E2000/E2003.
Added Send Read Receipts option in E2000/E2003.
Fixed problem logging in with FBA/AllowRetailHTTPAuth registry tweak in E2003.

v6.00 - 08 Jan 2006
Can now access named E2K/E2K3 mailbox, even if logged-on account is not mail-enabled.
Will now use logon name as WSS folder name if proxyAddress fails.
Added ISANORMVER to Define.inc to allow ISA Normalization Verification.
Added SESSIONLCID parameter to Define.inc file to allow setting of different Locale ID.
Can now install into an existing Virtual Directory.
Can now install into Exchange 2003 Virtual Directory even if Default Web Site has been redirected there.
Added Reset Option Values option.

v5.90 - 26 Nov 2005
Fixed error with shortcuts to folders with spaces or extended characters in their names.
Added Clear (subject and text) link to New Message page.
Added progressive login debug breakpoints ?dbg=x alternative to http://server/owa-pda?dbg=Y for E2K/E2K3 .
Added CUSTOMFBASSL to Define.inc . This parameter is to be used only while testing.
E2000/2003 can now login to CUSTOMFBA with username and password in the URL. Please use with extreme caution.

v5.80 - 15 Oct 2005
Fixed authentication problem when using custom FBA in sub domain.
Fixed 'When' display problem with Invites in OWA 2003 .
Added Read access to external shared calendars in Exchange 2000/2003 .
Fixed GAL display where distinguished name contains forward slash.
Added Mailbox Shortcuts option for Exchange 2000/2003 .
Fixed HTML display of messages with embedded attached images in Exchange 5.5 .
Added SHOWIMFSCL option to dispay Intelligent Message Filter SCL value on message Actions page.

v5.60 - 15 Aug 2005
Added Multiple Mark Unread option.
Added option to display Contact numbers as diallable tel: hyperlinks.
Fixed authentication problem when using custom FBA on an IIS6 member server.
Default installation folder is now under Program Files, instead of Inetpub\wwwroot .
Installer backs up existing Define.inc, Lang.inc and Themes.txt files when reinstalling.

v5.50 - 11 Jul 2005
Fixed problem replying to addresses with display name field not stored in quotes.
Fixed problem searching Contacts in Exchange 5.5 .
Added DEFAULTTHEME to Define.inc
Added DEFAULTSIG to Define.inc

v5.40 - 30 May 2005
Reply All and Fwd link added to Read Message page.
Added option to save new message.
Fixed Empty Deleted Items with Exchange 2003.
Added simple Forms-based Authentication option for devices that don't support Basic Authentication.
 (Also provides more controlled logoff). Requires Exchange 200x, SSL and Session State.

v5.30 - 07 Apr 2005
Can now find users in OUs that have forward slashes in the name (Ex 200x) .
Can now view HTML bodies of Post items.
Added 'Use Simple JavaScript' option
Added ICONCONTROL to Define.inc .
Added STARTININBOX to Define.inc .
Added 'To' and 'Message' to Message Filter options.
Logins.txt renamed to Logins.asp .
Replies/Forwards sometimes had #OPWTEXT# embedded in the text.

v5.24 - 09 Mar 2005
Follow NameTranslate username query with LDAP search in case of failure.

v5.20 - 06 Mar 2005
Filters message listing correctly in Ex 5.5 .
Can cancel password change without error in Ex 5.5 .
Speeded up display of large GAL in Ex 5.5 .
Fixed error when responding to meeting requests in Ex 5.5 .
Fixed error in multiple message move in Ex 5.5 .
Fixed error listing messages with missing dates in Ex 5.5 .
Can now change password in IIS6 (which will not serve .htr files).
Fixed error trying to save multi-line Notes in E2K3.
Added Up link to Item listings.
Added Top, Previous, Next links to Address Lists.
Now works with FBA on a non-standard port number.
Now works for users with apostrophe in email address.
Added FORCEHTTPS to Define.inc .
Added Mark Messages As Read option.
Added GCPROTOCOLSTRING to Define.inc .

v5.00 - 05 Jan 2005
No longer displays titles for empty item properties.
Added Content-type header to relayed attachments.
Added change password pages for IIS5/IIS6.
Number of items per page is now configured at the client end.
Folder expansion is now configured at the client end.
Sender and Subject sizes in listings is now configured at the client end.
Folder date/time display is now configured at the client end.
Font face and size now configured at client end.
Inbox refresh is configured at client end, but added ALLOWINBOXREFRESH parameter.
Icon display is now configured at the client end.
Message preview size is now configured at the client end.
Usage of HTML tables is now configured at the client end.
Read Message page size is now configured at the client end.
HTML TEXTAREA size is now configured at the client end.
Number of chars to display when replying is now configured at the client end.
Sender/Subject in same cell option is now configured at client end.
Move Selected Messages option is now configured at client end.
Added LDAPPROTOCOLSTRING parameter to Define.inc.

v4.88 - 29 Nov 2004
Fixed error when no Contacts returned.
Search for Contact names with extended characters fixed.
Save Contact names with extended characters fixed.

v4.86 - 26 Nov 2004
Fixed problem replying to recipients without Display names.
Improved FBA detection.
Can now change Virtual Directory name when installing.

v4.84 - 25 Oct 2004
Fixed problem detecting SSL (without FBA) in OWA 2003.
Fixed 'Type Mismatch' error viewing Address Lists with E5.5.
Fixed incorrect Mailbox name shown with extended characters.
Fixed 'Invalid Procedure call' sending to Display Names containing a comma.

v4.82 - 08 Oct 2004
Added Quick Message feature.
Improved extended character handling (again).
Fixed problem replying to Display Names with a comma in.

v4.80 - 19 Sep 2004
Added FORCEHTTPS option in Define.inc .
Displays Attendees for Appointments.
WebDAV version can now reply to original sender of IPM.Note items in Public Folders.
Reinstated USECSS option.
Improved extended character handling.

v4.74 - 21 Aug 2004
Fixed errors in displaying Public Folder messages in Exchange 5.5 .
Fixed line breaks in signature in Exchange 5.5 .
Remembers selected Address List between sessions.

v4.72 - 16 Aug 2004
Remove 'OK' page when deleting items
(except Appointments which still has to check recurrences).
More reliable Unicode character handling from WebDAV.

v4.70 - 10 Aug 2004
USECSS directive discontinued.
Added Options page.
Added colour themes option.
Added Signature option.
Installer preserves any existing Virtual Directory settings except the file path.

v4.62 - 21 Jul 2004
Fixed 'Name redefined' error when composing message.

v4.60 - 20 Jul 2004
Major rewrite to drop CDO use with E2K / E2K3.
Application now has an installer.
Includes IncMerge tool to merge customized *.inc files.

v4.40 - 22 Jun 2004
Meeting Requests deleted when responded to.
Display Contact Note text.
Reply link returned to Read Message page.

v4.26 - 15 Apr 2004
Fixes Address Lists issue in E2K member server. Affects v4.25 only.
Fixes attachment download issue. Affects v4.25 only.

v4.25 - 24 Mar 2004
Delivery/Read receipts the right way round.
Locates correct SMTP address if several special ones present in GAL.
Split up compose Message pages.
New Folders inherit parent Folder Class.
Can now send and respond to Meeting Requests.
Can now send attachments if browser supports File Upload.

v4.00 - 08 Jan 2004
Icons display correctly in Opera on P800 .
Better attachment opening with PPC and no Renderer.
Can now create Folders.
Can now view messages at Top of Information Store.
Can now request delivery/read receipts.
Can now set importance on messages.

v3.80 - 09 Oct 2003
Set Follow-up flag for messages.
Message indicators show high importance.

v3.70 - 05 Sep 2003
Can now edit items in Public Folders.

v3.62 - 01 Jul 2003
From: and To: are no longer mixed up in replied message bodies.
Handle Contacts folder like other folders, to enable subfolders.

v3.60 - 25 Jun 2003
Public Folder listing no longer fails for folders only available to Owner.
Can now post messages to Public Folders.
No longer uses POST without an action page (forms failed on Sony Ericsson P800).
Reply no longer fails for generated Display Names.

v3.52 - 30 May 2003
Unfiltered Address Lists now show ADDRESSESPERPAGE addresses instead of none.
Repeated changing from Content to Recipients in new message no longer keeps adding linked recipient.

v3.50 - 26 May 2003
Fixed x-x Of xx indicator for special Public Folders.
Finding some Public Folders messages should be a bit more reliable.
Added MAILBOXPROMPT option to Define.inc .
Appointments in Public Folders should now sort properly.
Combined envelope icons with paperclip icons to save space.

v3.40 - 30 Apr 2003
Fixed Next Message Page link broken in v3.32 .
Address List searches now include Name, Company, Department, 'Phone and Address.
Added Department and Fax to Contact display and edit pages.
Added message text preview configuration.
Display lists of Public Folder items according to folder type.

v3.32 - 11 Apr 2003
Fixed problem replying to messages with SHOWHTMLBODY enabled
(Reply body was filled with visible HTML tags).

v3.30 - 06 Apr 2003
Added USERENDERER constant to Define.inc .
Show attachment size in message display.
Added CONTINUETEXT instead of NEXTTEXT during message compose.
Added Reply To All function.
Added access to Public Folders.
Added option to show HTML message bodies.
USELOGINNAME no longer goes straight to mailbox.
New set of icons by Dave Wilkinson of Glyphlab.

v3.20 - 03 Mar 2003
Can now display either Open or All Tasks.
Displaying frequently recurring appointments should no longer take forever.
Now respects mailbox HTTP protocol access setting.
Tasks saved at 100% now correctly flagged as complete.
Separate Deleted Marked/Move Marked messages buttons in folder view.
All textarea sizes are configurable in Define.inc .

v3.10 - 18 Feb 2003
Tree view in All Folders if EXPANDFOLDERS = True.
Task List no longer fails if there are no Tasks.
Lang.inc now contains all phrases rather than single words.
Added change CDO Time Zone feature.

v3.00 - 05 Feb 2003
Added Tasks and Notes access.
Added ADDRESSESPERPAGE to Define.inc .
Changed folder list on mailbox page to Inbox/All Folders.
Added Top/Previous 10/Next 10 links to bottom of folder page.
Added 'Mark Unread' to message details page.
Added Internet headers on message details page.
Added icons to mailbox view.

v2.92 - 19 Jan 2003
Defined Header/Footer text is now automatically followed by a line break.
Removed default character set from Define.inc.
Fixed problem with some top-level folder links back to mailbox.
Logon link combined with Use Login Name feature no longer goes straight back to mailbox.

v2.90 - 01 Jan 2003
Can now use CSS (depends on platform support).
All-day appointments no longer show on two days.
Can configure move messages function to default to Deleted Items folder.
Added Header/Footer text configuration.
Can turn off tables.
Added font face/font size configuration.

v2.82 - 30 Oct 2002
Fixed number of unread messages displayed in expanded folders view.

v2.80 - 29 Oct 2002
Added add/edit/delete contact functions.

v2.70 - 20 Oct 2002
Added move messages function.
Added next/previous message links to read message view.
Changed message delete method to .MoveTo (CDO .Delete sometimes bypasses deleted items).
Can assume that mailbox names are the same as NT logon names.
Added empty deleted items function.
Added filter to address lists display.
Added automatic folder refresh (only works with browsers supporting META REFRESH).
Added logoff link option.
Removed message delete confirmation page.
Added new message link to messages list view.
Added banner text configuration.
No longer adds reply recipient on new message recipients page (added by .Reply method).

v2.60 - 18 Sep 2002
Fixed loss of CC recipients string.
Added simple graphics.

v2.56 - 12 Sep 2002
Fixed 'Error 400 - Bad Request' on attachments with spaces in names.
Fixed missing email address error on contact list and now sorts entries in alphabetical order.

v2.52 - 11 Sep 2002
Fixed problem downloading attachments to PocketIE.

v2.50 - 08 Sep 2002
Added full recursive folders display.
Separate address lists pages.
Span message text across several pages.
Can now deliver attachments via 404 error page.

v2.27 - 27 Jun 2002
Shortened ASP filenames to keep URLs short.

v2.25 - 10 Jun 2002
Removed all session variables - uses QueryString instead.

v2.20 - 16 May 2002
Added appointments access and add/edit/delete appointment functions.

v2.10 - 29 Apr 2002
Stepped message composition pages.
Added CC and BCC to message addressing page.
Added address list access from message addressing page.
Reply and forward functions now preserve message attachments.

v2.01 - 17 Mar 2002
Use X400 address when sending from address list.

v2.00 - 01 Mar 2002
Use Define.inc instead of Include.inc for server definitions etc.
Added address lists.
Can send 1 attachment (depends upon browser support of File Upload control).
Can open some attachments depending on browser capability.
Use Lang.inc for customizable language support.

v1.06 - 31 Oct 2001
Added Out-of-Office and network password facilities.

v1.05 - 01 Oct 2001
Added option in Include.inc to configure the number of messages per page in folder view.
Added reply and forward links to message page.

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