Selling England By The Pound. The Best Album Ever.

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I watched a thing called Danny Baker’s Great Album Showdown last night. It was a fairly interesting walk down memory lane. Apparently, LPs are making a comeback, on account of the fact that they offer a better all round experience, and they have a certain old-school charm. I’ve no idea about that, but it makes sense. I loved to collect LPs, but I’m completely unable to get excited about CDs and MP3s. Jeremy Clarkson was his usual entertaining self, and I expected him to make more than a passing reference to Selling England By The Pound, by Genesis. I know he likes it, since he’s mentioned it in other places, but I was a bit surprised by his preference for SuperTramp. They’re okay, but not in Genesis’ league IMVHO.

Anyway, I ramble. When I used to go down my mate’s house (okay, his mum and dad’s house), there was always something playing. Usually Deep Purple. For a while he’d been playing Selling England By The Pound, and I’d hardly noticed it. Until one night I was walking home in the dark, and I found myself singing it. It dawned on me in that moment that this was something utterly beautiful, and it has been my favourite album ever since. I have never tired of it, and it still sounds as fresh and beautiful to me as it ever did. I listen to something like Cinema Show, and wonder just how mere mortals can produce such a glorious sound.

So there you have it. Selling England By The Pound is, quite simply, the best album ever made. In my very humble opinion, of course :-)

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