Why Are Screensavers Still Called Screensavers?

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Isn’t it time to call them something else? Years ago, computer displays used a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) to produce the image. One problem with the CRT is that if the same still image remains on the screen for a long time, day after day, the image becomes burnt-in, leaving a ghost image that can be seen even when it is switched off. Screen savers were produced as a way of ensuring that this didn’t happen, by making the display show a moving image after prolonged periods of screen inactivity.

Now that everyone has LCD screens, it is no longer an issue – LCD screens do not appear to suffer from burn-in. And yet, the screen saver persists. Soon, no-one will be able to remember why they were ever called screen savers in the first place. It doesn’t look like they’re going away, either. People have discovered that their choice of screen saver is another way in which they can express their personality.

So come one, someone please come up with a different name. Before it’s too late.

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