Outlook Web App 403.14 – Directory Listing Denied Issue

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Strange, but I’ve seen two posts about this (normally rare) issue in the Microsoft Technet Exchange Server forums this afternoon. The 403.14 – Directory Listing Denied response from IIS means that it isn’t allowing you to list the contents of the directory that you are trying to access. You didn’t even know you were trying to do that, did you? But when you type in your OWA URL:


you are relying on the server’s built-in 302 response to automatically send you to


The fact that you see the 403.14 response instead usually means that, for some reason, the automatic 302 redirect has been removed (or even worse, broken).

To make sure that it is configured correctly, open up your IIS Manager on your OWA server, locate the owa virtual directory in the naviagtion tree view on the left-hand side, and then click on it. Look for the Deault Document item in the middle pane, and double-click it.

Now that you are looking at the Default Document configuration, make sure that it shows Default.aspx in the middle pane (it doesn’t matter what the Entry Type is, but it usually says ‘Inherited’ [from the Default Web Site]). If it’s not there, add it. Next,  make sure that you see a link having the caption ‘Disable’ over in the right-hand pane. If you can see a link that says ‘Disable’, it means that it is currently enabled. If your link says ‘Enable’, then click it to enable the default document.

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