Lost – What Was That All About?

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Well, I just finished watching Lost. I actually started watching it years ago, when it first appeared on TV, but gave up around half-way through the second series (that’s what we call them in the UK), because I felt that the writers were basically just yanking my chain. I didn’t feel that anything was getting resolved. And I’m a person that needs things to be resolved.

Anyway, I recently decided to give it another try, and watch it on DVD. That’s really the only way I can watch these sort of things – night after night, until it’s over.

And I have to say that I was hooked. Right until five minutes from the end of the last episode. That’s when I realised that nothing at all was going to be resolved. So that’s it? They are all dead, and the whole thing was some kind of dream? Sorry, that’s not good enough. It just negates the entire thing. Compare it to things like Quantum Leap, with its famously bad ending; Star Trek Voyager; Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes. All of those had episodes that were self-contained, each one enjoyable by itself. I could watch any of them again, and thoroughly enjoy them. Not so with Lost. Each episode is meaningless by itself. Each ends in a cliffhanger, and there is always the feeling that it is going somewhere. It just has to.

But it doesn’t, and that means I will never bother watching it again. Why would I? I already know that none of it happened. And why all those sub-plots? I mean, it was great fun watching it the first time. When I didn’t know that it was all going nowhere. But as I think about it all now, there are just too many questions. And as much as I like questions, for me there also have to be answers.

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