How To Access Other Users’ Shared Exchange/Outlook Calendars Using OWA For PDA

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Here, I will show how you can access your co-workers’ shared Exchange/Outlook calendars on your mobile device or cellphone by using OWA For PDA. From the main mailbox page, click the Actions icon (the blue gear wheel at the top of the page).

Then select Options, then External Calendars. From here, you can type in a list of the shared calendars that you wish to access. Of course, you need to have the required permissions to be able to successfully open them.

To access the shared calendar you just added to you mailbox configuration, click on the same Actions icon (again, the one with the blue gear wheel), and you will see the list of calendars that are available to you underneath the External Calendars section heading.

Now, just click on the name of the shared calendar that you want to view. If you have the correct Exchange permissions, you can even create new appointments, and edit existing ones.

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